My Portfolio, My Website

Posted 13 September 2019 by Joshua Shum

Today I started building my brand new portfolio website! It was a bit difficult to select a theme, because I needed one that was not only customizable, but also one where I could tell stories about my UI/UX Design journeys and librarianship.

I ended up going with the Berlin, a responsive theme using HTML, CSS, and JS. Thankfully, I have some experience in these languages despite my non-CS background (my only dabble in this area has been as a hobby on the side). I'll be working on this sporadically as time allows, but I want this be up as soon as possible — as a minimal viable product (MVP) as it's called in Lean UX Design (Interactive Design Foundation).

The idea is simple — release a product with the smallest number of features and ship as quickly as possible.

There's so much I want to do with this site, and I'm excited to get it up to speed with my current projects in UX and librarianship:

  • University of Toronto Scarborough Library — UX/LIS Researcher & Designer (Practicum): Supporting the Web & UX Librarian in three user experience research projects, including an ongoing library website redesign project, designing a research proposal to collect user feedback for the UTSC Library Planning Committee, and co-developing and co-leading an Introduction to UX Design Workshop.
  • Noranda Earth Sciences Library — UX Research Project: Collaborating in a team of five graduate students to design, propose, and conduct a user experience research study to identify user challenges and recommend potential solutions.
  • INF1602 — Fundamentals of UX — Case Study: A student-led initiative to reduce the stressful student experiences of accessing mental health resources at the University of Toronto.
  • INF2170 — Information Architecture — Community Project: Leading a team of six to create a medium fidelity prototype for a redesigned organizational structure and labelling system in partnership with a community partner, the Centre of Learning & Development (Toronto).
  • UTL @ Downsview: Processing rare books and low-circulation library materials from five of Ontario's largest public universities for high-density storage and retrieval.
  • Peer Mentoring @ iSchool Program Coordinator: Working with peers and faculty staff to design a peer mentorship program that welcomes incoming students of all studying levels.
  • TIM Centre: Content Developer & Website Support for an online resource library designed to enable local community organizations and individuals to support new immigrants and refugees in their transition to Canadian life.

In any case, welcome to my website. I'll always welcome any feedback you have regarding it — please feel free to send me an email me.