Information Behaviours of Video Gamers

Posted 13 September 2019 by Joshua Shum

Over the course of my time at the University of Toronto, I conducted three research studies of the information phenomena surrounding video gamers and the leisure activity of video gaming. My ethnographic research has primarily centred around video gamers in North America:

  • How Gamers Find Their Games: An unpublished research paper examining the information-seeking and -gathering phenomena of three video gamers in their twenties, from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
  • Trust and Credibility in Video Game Information Sources: A short unpublished research paper employing lean ethnographic research methods and a questionnaire examining the information quality and evaluation criteria of five video gamers in their twenties across North America, concerning video gaming information sources.
  • Video Gaming Leisure Map: A visual representation of the various forms of video gaming as leisure pursuits, based on Robert A. Stebbin's Serious Leisure Perspective (SLP) Framework.

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