UTSC Library — UX Research, Design, & Teaching

Posted 21 April 2020 by Joshua Shum

In January to April of 2020, I joinied the team at Vincent W. Bladen, University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) Library as a User Experience Librarianship Intern. Throughout this period, I was successful in gaining a practical, workplace experience at an academic library, completing the following projects:

  • Digital Card-Sorting Study — UTSC Library Website
  • Tree-Testing Study — The BRIDGE Website
  • Weekly UX Pop-Up Table — UTSC Library Space Planning Committee
  • Introduction to UX Design Workshop — University of Toronto Entrepreneurship Week

During this time, I primarily worked with—and was supervised by—the Web & UX Librarian at UTSC Library. Furthermore, I was fortunate to gain experience from working with others, such as the Communications Assistant, Operations Coordinator & Assistant to the Chief Librarian, Liaison Librarians (Entrepreneurship; Management & Business) and more.




It was a delight getting to work with Joshua over the past few months. He brings great knowledge, enthusiasm, and professionalism to his work and was successfully able to apply his UX expertise to benefit our proposed projects and outcomes.

In addition to bringing his own expertise, he was also eager to seek it out through networking with other librarians/UX professionals. This allowed him to bring in new perspectives and integrate them with his own ideas, often to the benefit of his project work.

I encourage Joshua to continue expanding his skills and to challenge himself in areas of limited experience or uncertainty such as with instruction. While he expressed some initial concern about involvement with the Introduction to UX Design workshop due to limited experience with an Entrepreneurship-oriented audience, he rose to the challenge and was instrumental in designing/delivering the workshop which was later met with great praise by attendees.

He brings a great combination of practical skills and interpersonal presence, and I am confident these traits will serve him well in his future professional endeavors.

Sarah Guay, Liaison Librarian and Web & UX Librarian, University of Toronto Scarborough Library